Can You Help Me? Trail Map Design

This year as you know my backyard mountain bike trail has come a long way. If you are new and and have not seen any of my Backyard videos check them out here in this playlist.

Walnut Springs Playlist

I have been working on a trail map but just can’t dial it in and I am hoping that someone can help me out. Someone with some sweet artists skills in trail map design.

Here is what I am hoping for: Something that shows where my features are, Maybe different color trail markings.

I was thinking the east side could be one color and the west side could be a different color. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Some unique elements giving it a special look as I would like to make this my trail head map.

If you can help I would be super thankful. Here are the two maps I have made so far. The 3rd map is an example from a local trail and I like the way it looks.

Here is a map showing you the separate parts of the trail
This map will show you where my features are.
This a local trail map I think looks really nice

Backyard Trail Build: Drop and Roll

New Video Day!! Checkout my latest build Drop and Roll if you want to see the full build here is a link:

GoPro Hero 9 Lens spins???

Ok @gopro does this lens spin!!!???!!

Checkout their latest video and watch the airplane footage then look at this screen clip. Does it spin?

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It is coming!!! GoPro Hero 9 Announcement 9/16/2020

GoPro Event Date

GoPro Hero 9. Will you be getting one?

Vote on my YouTube page and let me know if you will get one or not.

Vote Here

What features are you excited about and what do you think of the leaks we have seen so far. Will this be the best GoPro for Mountain Biking they have ever Made?

Subscriber Giveaway!!!

Help me hit 1500 subscribers on my YouTube channel and you might just win a Jerry the Squirrel Coffee Mug.

Details in this video: 1500 Subscribers GIVEAWAY: You Could Win A Jerry The Squirrel Coffee Mug

Unexpected Backyard Trail Build

We had a large storm front come through and it took down part of a large walnut tree. So when nature give you free wood here at Walnut Springs we make new trail features.

Major Feature Upgrade!!!!!

New Video day!! Checkout this sweet rock roll I added to the Gap Up Ladder Bridge here at Walnut Springs. I made two major upgrade to this feature. Check out the video Link:

UPGRADING the Mountain Bike Gap Up Ladder Bridge: New Ramp and Landing, and WOW it is a lot better

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