What A Pedal!!

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3’s are great pedals. Checkout my latest video were I install them.

HOW TO INSTALL: Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 pedals and cleats, Best MTB Clipless Pedals Money Can Buy

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War Eagle Training day 2 and 3

For the last two training days I ran on my lunch break. Which put me downtown Springfield. The views are not the trail views I love but it is good to get out of the office.

For day 2 I pick a route that ran down a road I have battled with in the past. This road is long and flat. However in the cold it always seems to have head wind and in the heat it feels like a hairdryer. I picked this road to take on routes that challenge me this year.

Everyone that has been running for a few years has those routes that challenge you. Those routes that your friends like but drive you crazy. I hope by taking them on this year it will make mentally stronger or it might just make me crazy :).

On this day that route was the Phelps route. It is a long industrial road. With a hint of Starbucks frappe in the air from the bottling plant. I took off down this route in the cold with a strong wind coming from the east. Running solo this day made for some good time to clear my head. After 3+ miles I was back at work. I had beat the Phelps route that day. Check out my run here:https://strava.app.link/RTWXHnDnuU

Day 3 was 4+ mile run that took me up through the downtown square to grand street. I was running with a coworker that runs a lot faster than me. He pushed my pace to a sub 8 mile for the first 2.5 miles. He split off and I slowed down.

A short time later he appeared in front of me and ran the last mile or so in with me. Check out my route here: https://strava.app.link/IGJykbBnuU

Day one War Eagle 25k training

Last year was my first year ever running the War Eagle 25k. I was undertrained and over confident. Thinking I had done 25k’s before undertrained so this will be no problem. I knew I was wrong 1/2 a mile into the run.

You start down in a fog covered valley next to a river. We gathered on an old bridge and when the gun went off we went straight up a hill for over a mile.

8 miles in I was feeling like I had ran 15 miles. The trail is not technical or challenging but it does require training. By the end of the race I told myself if I come back I will train.

Now that time is here. Chad and myself are taking on 5 miles at Two Rivers to kick start our training.

After having bronchitis and not putting in a lot of miles this winter these 5 miles will hurt. The morning of our run was cold, sub 20s cold. Ice was in the trees leftover from the rain we got the other day. But the sun was shining and you could feel its warmth. It was a beautiful day and it was going to be an awesome run.

We snaked our way around 2R’s single track. Going up and down the rollers and avoiding slick spots where ice still sat. 1 mile became 2 miles became 3 miles until we got back to the parking lot and had ran 6 miles.

It was proof that running with a friend makes the miles melt away. After our run we enjoyed a nice cup of black coffee and the view from the barn. I couldn’t ask for a better start to my training. I look forward to the days to come.