My Bike Product Picks Of The Year

2021 was filled with all types of new bike products and I was able to review and test a handful of those new products. From bike racks to tire repair with so many choices here are my top pick for the year.

To make this easier on me and on your budget I wanted to pick my top picks that are all under $100. So lets get started with no particular order. If you don’t want to read all of this checkout my video here where I go over all of them.

The links below are affiliated links and will help my channel and site grow at no additional cost to you. So if you plan on buying one of these items I would greatly appreciate it if you use them.

#1 Fix It Sticks

This is a great product for its compact size and over all usefulness. With these you can get almost any bolt removed and put back in place out on the trail.

#2 KOM Tubeless Repair Kit

The KOM Tubeless Repair Kit offers a very light weight and compact design. So you won’t even notice it until you need it out on the trail. It comes with enough repair strips to fix your tire several times.

#3 Uniche and Crankbrothers CO2 Inflators and

Having a way to air up your tire on the trail fast is key. With either one of these CO2 inflators you can do just that and they won’t weight down your pack.

#4 Aftershokz

If you like to listen to music or podcasts during a ride these are the headphones to get. They won’t cover your ear preventing you from hearing the outside world. These bone conducting headphone will keep your ears open and still allow you to listen to your music or podcast.

#5 Uniche Pro Tool Torque Wrench

If you are like me you have a lot of tools already but this tool is the icing on the cake. Having a good torque wrench will insure your bolts are at the correct tightness for your ride.

#6 Custom Stem Caps by

Spice up your bike with a custom stem cap from This company can put whatever art you want on to these cool caps.

#7 Camelback Chase Bike Vest

If you are like me and want quick access to snacks and tools then the Camelback Chase might be for you. With a nice amount of storage up front and in the back you will be set for any ride.

#7 – PNW Components –

The PNW Range Bars, Range Stem, and Loam Lever is a perfect upgrade to any bike.

Thank you for checking out my year end review of my top bike products. If you like this make sure to follow me on this site, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and all my Social Media. Links are above in the menu bar.

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