Build Time: Ariens IconX Zero Turn Chute Blocker

In my latest build time video I show you how I built a chute blocker for my Dads Ariens IconX 52 inch zero turn lawn mower. It has about $60 worth of parts in it.

See the YouTube Video Here: HOW I BUILT AN ARIENS IconX ZERO TURN CHUTE BLOCKER: Building a custom mower chute blocker

If you want to build one you will need the following tools:

– Welder, angle grinder, drill, tap and die set.

The metal you need is a sheet of 1/4 inch thick steel for the handle, the height adjusting plate, and the base to mount it to the mower. You will also need a 3 foot long 1 1/4 14g steel square tubing. Get a 5/16 steel rod also. Along with all that you will need to get several bolts and locking nuts.

These are not detailed instructions as each build will be different for each mower and for the parts you can find locally.

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