How To Build A Squirrel Feeder.

HOW TO BUILD A SQUIRREL FEEDER: Jerry The Adorable Squirrel Is Going To Love This
Click the photo to see how it’s made.

Jerry the Squirrel is super excited about his new feeder. If you have a Jerry you can make one for him too. Here are some instructions on what cuts you need to make. Have fun with this and happy building.

5 thoughts on “How To Build A Squirrel Feeder.

  1. I have only a jigsaw, miter saw (not chopsaw) and basic other tools..I guess I can’t cut the bevels where you did, is that right?


      1. Sir,
        I’m going to give it a try! My only shortcoming has been cutting circles w/ jigsaw…you called a tool you used ‘roto-zip’ and it looks perfect! Is that a real tool?
        Many thanks!


    1. Sir, I’d never heard of that but I DO have an oscillating saw. With patience, might that cut circles such as those in squirrels feeder?


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