iPhone Xs MAX SP Connect Case Unboxing.

This is the iPhone Xs MAX SP Connect phone case.

With this case you can connect it to your bike, your arm with and arm strap, tripods, car mounts and many other things. I started using this brand back on my iPhone 7+ two years ago.

I was looking at a Quad Lock but at the time this was much cheaper. So I took a chance and I am glad I did. I find the design of the SP Connect case to be much nicer. It is softer with rounded edges and what I think is a nicer locking design.

I use mine on my mountain bike and it hangs on no matter the terrain I ride over. I also use it daily in my car. They make these little nickel size sticky mounts that you can stick to your dash and just click your phone on to it. This has made it nice for using my phone as a GPS or having it as my music dash board.

I highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a case that can attached to all kinds of accessories.

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